Revealed! 3 Confessions of 97% Network Marketers

Revealed! 3 Confessions of 97% Network Marketers

When most people see headlines like the one above they try to be too smart and rush to summarize the whole thing in one sentence….but “Can any good thing come from Nazareth?”

Please I do not want that kind of smartness or contribution under this post because you’d be doing others a disservice. This is the same as telling someone what happened at the end of a movie. I’m going to reveal 3 of our deepest fear in the industry and the antidote/solution to them.

Heard of market saturation in Network Marketing?

If you’re a loyal partner to your NWM company, you’ll experience panic attacks when you clearly see signs of market saturation. Did you also know that NWM companies have a clause that warrants them the power to make changes in their favor to their business model and operations?

What would you do, if you wake up to the news that, the most rewarding part of the comp plan (e.g. Performance and Development bonuses) has been scraped off? And that you’re only required to sell products.

It’s a stone-cold-fact that, every business like any NWM company has a life span (Introduction stage, Growth stage & Decline stage). When any business reaches its decline stage, much can be done by its major stakeholders to revive it. But this isn’t the case in NWM companies.  Whether you like it or yes, the company you’re loyal to will eventually fade away and by the time you realize, your Upliners would have already hit the pinnacle in another NWM company, leaving you devastated.

But must distributors/partners always suffer the loss when the NWM company you’re loyal to declines and fades away? Day-in-day-out, new companies spring forth with so-called better products & compensation plans and it always appear to suggest that, successful leaders always jump on the other boat first.

Must the average distributor/partner always be placed under the popular Upliners? How can your company stand the test of time? How can you build your NWM business amidst the hypes and competitions? Can one actually succeed in one NWM company in the 5th, 7th, or 10th year of painfully staying loyal to the company? How do you stand out and do your NWM business at your own speed and target?

Fact: 97% of all network marketers make less than $50 a month in their MLM Business. Are you one of them? Out of the 3% that earn significant amounts, 2% lose 99% of their team members to other business models or schemes. They become frustrated and quit the company and join new companies, hence, the cycle gets repeated. Will you be surprised at seeing a Star Director’s income drop to zero?

cold calling 2
cold calling and regected 1

You won’t believe it, but if you’ve been in the industry for at least 3 years, you will attest to all the facts. You see, most businesses take 3 years to turn a profit!  It takes TIME!

I believe most people who are actively engaged (the 3%) in their network marketing companies will take

1 year to learn how to do the business

3 years to make a full-time income

5 years to make a big income

7 years to make a world-class income

Some people will crush those numbers and have success much sooner but that’s called net lottery ticket marketing and that’s the crap that gives our industry a bad rap.

Then comes the normal day-to-day problem that distributors face, Rejection!

They say No always means NEXT OPPORTUNITY, but that could mean try the “next business model”. Even if it means try next door, must you always be slapped in the face with rejections?

As your Upliners say, it’s a numbers game. Mustn’t the focus be on helping someone’s life better by solving a problem? These are a few of the problems faced by 97% of MLMers. Right from leadership to execution.

Is there a way out? Yes! You need a System to train your downliners and help them build strong foundations. A pipeline that can generate quality leads/prospects for the organization. A system that can teach and train distributors the art and science of communication. A system that can efficiently and effectively boost the DIGITAL SKILLS of partners. A system that can bless partners with an edge over entrepreneurship/business as a whole and not only an edge over the NWM business model. A system that can help both introverts and extroverts build a business that can outlive them.

Who will help the dying industry? Today I want to reveal to you the exact online system you can use with almost zero capital to make the next big thing happen to your team/business.

An introvert who was persuaded to keep making over 100 cold calls per day for over 4 years. Unable to succeed, and living life on the terms of Upliners. Stuart Ross decided to take a break and search for the best solution. After judicious efforts of searching and failing, he eventually co-founded Digital Business Lounge and Six Figure Mentors with Jay Kubasek (the farmer).

As a good-hearted fellow, he’s giving back to society (members of the NWM fraternity) the ability to use his step-by-step blueprint to build any business from scratch to 6-7-8 figure earnings. Yes, it’s possible because this system has created over 50,000 millionaires in over 120 countries. The SFM is one of the largest and fastest-growing digital education companies worldwide, with an infrastructure built over 10 years, employs a large full-time staff, and works in direct partnership with LinkedIn Learning and other leading companies in the industry.

Stuart is giving whoever is ready for success instant access to the SFM system for free.

(I repeat for freeeee). Get the digital skills you need to build any business that you’re passionate about.

All you need is a computer with internet access.


Although Stuart is providing this for free, please don’t underestimate the value you’ll get. He is an 8 figure business owner, one of the leading digital marketing experts on the internet at the moment, and this is a valuable opportunity to hear him explain how you can generate a good income online as a networker, business person, or about to start a business person

Many people pay thousands of dollars for weekend seminars given by Stuart & Jay. You can binge-watch the blueprint for free, and the insights you will gain could easily change your life! Click on this link to grab your Full Instant Access to the System

If you’re looking to start or grow your business but not sure where to start? 

If you want to bring your business or NWM online?

Or you want to develop your digital skills to take advantage of the internet’s opportunity? 

Perhaps you’re stuck with the old ways and you want to grow your Network Marketing Business.

If you wish to escape the 9-5 living anywhere and join the NEW RICH.

Or you believe you have a message and mission that matters in our world.

Then join the Digital GOLD RUSH! And equip yourself with the best digital skills for your business. See for yourself and your team


But please know this…..

By default, the system isn’t for people looking to get-rich-quick or

people who’d like to be in it for just the money. The system is for realistic and serious fellows.

Until I write to you again….

I’m Godson Awudi.

All the best.

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