Godson Awudi

Happiness is your birthright. For one to be truly happy, he/she ought to have been satisfied with his/her health, wealth and time. Unfortunately, few people pursue and accomplish goals on these three variables. I believe everything that happens in our life is moving us towards our goal. Having said that, it’s so sad to come to the realization that, our beliefs, conscious or unconscious create our reality. My goal is to find pain and turn it into purpose.

I’m Godson Awudi. The first born of five to Mr. & Mrs. Awudi, both Teachers whose way of living had a tremendous impact on the way I approached money/finances. I was born on 1987 in a small town called Donkorkrom, Ghana. Married in 2018 and blessed with a son.

Like 90% of Ghanaian teachers, my parents enjoyed life on the irony of perpetual borrowing. They were trapped in an endless cycle of working to pay for a life they’ve become used to. Living in a house they had to work and pay for.  Eventually Daddy became sick of pneumonia and that led to his demise just when I had completed my college of education. When my father passed away, I had nothing in my savings and no insurance. So I  settled on the decision to borrow money from the bank for the funeral rites. It’s very sad to know that some of my colleague teachers still believe taking a loan from the bank is another source of income.

After college of Education, like my parents, I became a professional teacher and entered into the untold journey of teaching. I loved children and the teaching profession intensified my love for children. Since I started teaching in 2005, my joy has always been seeing academically challenged students improve as I help them to be better. I’ve been a classroom teacher in all basic levels of the Ghana Curriculum. An added advantage over most teachers. Some colleague teachers applauded my ability to teach at the lower level (Kindergarten) kids and still be a perfect match for higher classes in my subject area

After working for 13 years and still unfulfilled, I met a radically courageous and intelligent colleague (Prince Boateng) who due to our Employers’ quest in underpaying but expecting most work out of us (employees) presented to me an opportunity (P2P scheme) that could make us rich in the next three months. I partnered with him for three weeks and the founders parted away with all the community’s money (over $80,000). Prince re-introduced another opportunity (Network Marketing Company) to me for which I still didn’t hesitate to joining since I was determined to succeed and not allow past failures deter me.

The good news after two years of HARDWORK, SMARTWORK, FOCUS, PERSIVERANCE, AND CONSISTENCY, coupled with personal development programs, I held my head very high appreciating God for making me win over the battle of PERPETUAL BORROWING (of which 90% of teachers nationwide are victims).

Little did I know that other constraints could shake my team to die out of business. How can I lead and teach a team that generated more than $35,000 revenue in sales of daily consumable products within six months and to die out within 1-2 months? What and where did I get it all wrong in building a passive and a sustainable residual business with the MLM model? I found myself in debt again. No team left, and with the shattered confidence, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. I was tired of the traditional cold calling and follow up calls. You see, in my first year of Network Marketing, I made a list of all the people I knew, I invited them to see the plan, I tried to sponsor everyone I knew, I paid for hundreds of coffees to show the plan and hear a big fat NO, I was rejected again and again. I started to hate my business, not the model itself, but that ineffective way of building it. Until one night (December 10th, 2020) I found a YouTube ad by Paul Flatman that led to my paradigm shift. It was a Digital Business System and mentorship program (Six Figure Mentors) that’s been expertly designed to show anyone how to become an effective online marketer and scale up to six to seven income business for life

There’s no need to kick the streets every day, when you can put to work an automated system that does all the hard work for you. So If you are serious about becoming six figure earner in your network marketing or any other traditional business, then you can’t miss this. Check out the “turn out crises into an opportunity video”.

The SFM system made a HUGE change in my life and in my network marketing business. I’m not a millionaire yet, but the sense of belongingness that I find in the SFM community of like-minded ones is so amazing. Hence my founding of passidual.com to serve as one of the gateways to the Six Figure Mentors. I’ve come to realizing that, success isn’t a destination but a journey. I’m still going through serious doubts and struggles, serious sacrifices and serious rejections. Family and friends laugh and criticize. I deal with massive insecurities of what people think of me. The sacrifices are big at the time but the dream is bigger enough. Past mistakes are many but the journey is worth it since I’ve leant the lessons. I’ve leant to fail forward. I’ve realized it’s not always about money but anything of great value in life. This VALUE, I continue to get from the Six Figure Mentors. Now I have a better system to build any business I love that can outlive me.

Why This Company

It’s vital from the start to be absolutely clear. There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick scheme. Nobody gets rich instantly, just by clicking a few buttons. It takes work and commitment.

The SFM is not interested in misleading anybody. Take a look at our free video series, which explains how to build a number of different types of online business, and then do your due diligence. Be aware that it will cost you some time and some money, and that it may not be right for you.

I passionately believe in this way of working, and I can personally testify to the fact that it’s immeasurably improve people’s lives.

SFM is one of the largest and fastest growing digital education companies worldwide, with an infrastructure built over 10 years, and students in 120 countries. It was founded by two very successful digital entrepreneurs, Stuart Ross and Jay Kubasek, employs a large full time staff, and works in direct partnership with LinkedIn Learning and other leading companies in the industry. The SFM also has several sister companies which help the free hosting of domains, the establishment of technical support and further training, and a company for the import and export of physical products directly from manufacturers in the far east. They have fully automated business models for selling services and physical products and for affiliate marketing, and there are massive opportunities to earn a great income while you learn.

This is not an anonymous company trying to sell online products and then disappear. It’s a safe, friendly environment, with all the tools, training and support you need. It’s available to anyone who wants to tap into the digital revolution, and build a better life for themselves, under their own control, and at whatever pace fits in with their own current lifestyle. I still teach Business IT in one of the prestigious technical schools in Accra, Ghana, am a digital entrepreneur, a professional network marketer, and a speaker.

What Now?

The ultimate goal is financial independence. Jim Rohn says “It’s a glorious feeling to be debt free or owe no one anything”. In this information age, success is always predictable. Dare to make your dream a reality for a better life and a better future. The obvious secret to success is SPEED. Those who act fast are always on the receiving end of success. Those who think, wonder, question, doubt, plan, meet, discuss with friends and families, or better still drag their feet, success leave them and go to the next person in line.

If you’ve reached this point in your life where you question the saneness of our current way of living, if you’re tired of not being able to control your own life, if you’ve decided you want out but you’re not sure how, or if you already know and are looking for the right digital education system, then why not stop wishing and take action. Just click this link “turn crises into opportunity” and see how thousands of people are making it work for themselves. See how easy it can be for you to create an unbelievable lifestyle for yourself. We are all conditioned to resist change, and for a while it always seems worrying, and painful, you can build your financial freedom by taking the leap of faith to go through the free video seriesTake this counsel from Dr. Joe Vitale who says “If you want to achieve bigger dreams in business, you need to step out of your circle or network of peers and associates. You need to go to a group with wider, stronger, and richer connections”. He went on to dig deeper by saying that, “to achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you may need to rise in levels and participate with new people on a new playing field”.

With this online digital skill education, previous experience or expertise is not required, just the strong desire for change. And on top of all that there’s a huge cooperative community, which interacts online and at small and large scale meet-ups throughout the year. I have been blown away by the general spirit of help, cooperation, and support which is giving me the confidence and skills to create the life I want.

My dear friend, self-actualization in this entrepreneurial journey has made me believed that SALARY is the bribe that’s given to employees to forget about their dreams. By the middle of the month, 90% of salaried workers would have finished expensing their salary. The only alternative is to go for salary advance loan/over-draft or borrow from other financial institutions. At worst, they settle for mediocre life and remain poor for life. By deciding to leave my comfort zone, I’m on the journey to six figure passive & residual income for life. If you get an inspired nudge to take action, then take action. Don’t wait. Act. Act right Now. The free video series will give you the step by step blueprint you need to succeed. Don’t get drowned in information overload on the internet. You are at the right place at the right time.