Are You Attractive To Success?

Are You Attractive To Success?

Our planet earth is a huge magnet and its influence extends far in space. Magnets only attract magnetic materials and this is an established universal law. The creator or owner of the universe did not hide this Law from mankind. What then is the application of this law? Whatever is deemed right and lovable is attracted by the person. At least the impact of attraction is felt in all aspects of our lives. If you were not attracted to each other, you wouldn’t have fallen in love with your partner. No one dates or marries a foe.

Jim Rohn said Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become”. Are you attractive to success? Are you a success magnet? Being successful is not only about money. Your health, relationship, work, family, attitude and your altitude are some of the areas to be successful in. If you want success, don’t pursue it, attract it. How do you attract success? The answer is found in your personal development.

You are WHAT YOU ARE (what you eat, watch, listen and say) and WHERE YOU ARE (your environment). If you hang around five intelligent people, you will become the sixth. If you associate 5 millionaires, you will become the sixth. Likewise, if you hang around 5 poor minded folks, definitely you will be the sixth. Pay attention to these your association and filter the right ones according the level of attraction you desire to achieve.

Now since money is the best tool to measure financial success, let’s talk about you and your money.

Stop chasing money. Humans are here to fulfill a purpose. Money is just a tool that can help in realizing that purpose. Your VALUE added SKILL that you bring to the table will be the major determinant to your financial success. Now think about the CREATOR of the universal law, the CREATOR is always the giver of all good things like money. But if you think it is always noble to be poor, do you think success will ever chase you? You will never even attempt to acquire the necessary skills needed solve ecumenical problems and add value to people to be rewarded with money. Majority of people think money is evil. Remember the good book says money answereth all things. It didn’t say money answereth some things. If you believe rich people are bad/evil, /cheats, do you think your sub-conscious will ever free you to become rich or let alone financially sufficient? Never ever think poor people will go to heaven while the rich suffer eternal condemnation.

Money is important in our everyday life. It is one of the most crucial means to survive in our modern world. Money is awesome. Generating wealth is life changing, in ways big and small. Money is not guaranteed, but the pain of trying to get it is. There are numerous ways of getting money. Money is YOU, money is PROBLEMS


Your money is your skills, your gifts, your knowledge, etc.

If someone were to ask you how to get money, you could probably think of numerous ways to achieve it, but the simplest way is by making good use of your talents. Yes. The key to building wealth is sitting down making a list of your talents, thinking about how you can harness these talents to build a business and putting this plan into action. There is nothing more rewarding than making a very good living from doing something you love, plus you get the freedom of being your own boss.  Your talent is to be used to provide a solution to someone’s problem.

Thomas Edison used his talent to invent electric light bulb; and this helped to establish social order after sundown, extend the workday well into the night, and allowed us to travel safely in the night. However, others such as Elmer Fridrich, Emmett Wiley, Edward Hammer, Shuji Nakamura, Nick Holonyak, Oleg Losev, etc have made tremendous improvement to Edisons work with their own talents. Whiles trying to generate wealth, people are also using their talents to entertain others. Such entertainments include acting, football, tennis, comedy, etc.

Shah Rukh Khan, Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Van Vicker and others are generating a lot of money from acting. They not only entertain people but also help in bringing the world together as a whole. Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Michael Essien, etc, are also renowned footballers who generate a lot of money from making good use of their talents in playing football. Individuals such as Selena Williams, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, etc are also using their talent to play tennis to entertain people and they are generating a lot of money from it. Kelvin Hart, Chris Rock, Ali baba, Basket Mouth and others are also entertaining people with comedy shows and they are generating a lot of money from it.

The rout most people go down from a very early age is education and learning new skills in school, college and /or university. These acquired skills and education usually lead to a decent job and a structured career. However, there is a lot of money in problems.  Yes, money is in problems. You have to build something very valuable that people will willingly trade their hard-earned money for and that requires blood, sweat and tears. If you can convert your gift/talents/knowledge into tangible products/services, people will give you cash in exchange.

The Money in PROBLEMS

Ecumenical problems are endless. People will always have problems. Be the solution provider. Wherever there is a problem, there is an opportunity to make money. We get paid for solving people’s problems. It is your ability to convert those things (gifts, kills, knowledge) into valuable products or services and offer it as a solution to those problems and that will make them give you money in exchange.

Stop running away from problems, because problems will never finish. The more problems we have on this planet, the more opportunity we get to make money. When you show that you can solve a man’s problem, he will gladly hand over his money. Everyone is born a millionaire but your riches are in the pocket and bank account of those you’re supposed to be offering your product and services.  Money is simply a reward for solving a problem. People don’t buy products or services, they buy solutions. If you solve one problem, you get money. If you solve more problems, you make more money.

The problem of transportation is being solved by Uber.

 MTN/Vodafone is solving the problem of communication.

Farmers are helping out in solving the problem of food shortage.  helps people acquire digital skills needed to succeed in these times.

Don’t pursue success, pursue an attractive YOU and SUCCESS will chase you.

In these times, one of the best skills to acquire is DIGITAL SKILLS. Why is this important? It is the only skill that makes the world notice you as a solution provider. But it can be hard and daunting in getting the right digital skillset. Bill Gate once said, if your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business. COVID 19 proved this beyond all doubts.

Now millions of people are a paradigm shift. They are leaving the traditional marketing to digital marketing. The good news is you can learn digital skills from us at free or insignificant cost. All you’ll need is your zeal, commitment, computer and internet. Create your free account.

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I challenge you to change your thinking. I dare you to tap within your sub-conscious and fish out your limiting beliefs about money. For you can never give to the vulnerable or needy what you don’t have. Change your thinking or believe system and be a major contributor to yourself and those whose lives are always affected by your limiting beliefs of success. Making money is not only tied to being an employee. Position yourself to attract money and your best self will always remain grateful. The same money you are chasing is in You. Your money is your skills, your gifts, your knowledge, your talent etc.

Let’s get connected and share more ideas for self-advancement. It is important you do the needful (unlearn old and limiting beliefs) no matter how insignificant it might be because if you don’t, no one related to you will.

Until I write to you again….. I’m Godson Awudi.

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